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Input Gain And Mic Recording On Tonport Gx

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I own an old Toneport GX (with the red color) and POD Farm 2. I haven't tried yet as I did not solder the right cable but, will I have proper input levels when connecting a dynamic mic? There's no gain button on the GX and no visible input gain button in POD Farm :( .

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how did you get pod farm? it typically comes with an interface... and if it came with an interface you need THAT interface....

if you bought pod farm separately, then you MAY be able to use your existing card... IF the manufacturer provided ASIO compliant drivers...

if not... you need an ASIO compliant sound card or interface....

ALSO of note...

you speakers must be connected to the same interface/soundcard as you are inputing into. 

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I purchased got the GX and the POD Farm. Maybe the 'big brothers' of the GX (such as UX***) got the Gain control on their software POD Farm views.


Note to answerers: Rockbuster1 is not amireldor though we are both n00bs on the forums and have the same avatar :)

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@Rockbuster - You need your Line6 interface to run POD Farm unless you purchased a separate Hardware Independent POD Farm 2.5x License.


@admireldor - Do you have POD Farm1 or 2. The reason I ask is the older Red Toneports typically did not come with POD Farm 2, unless you paid for the upgrade or it is was registered for the first time after a certain cut off date (I think Oct 2009??). Either way, tin the mixer view in the rec sends there is a +18 dB boost button. There are now software mic gains in POD Farm even for the UX1 and UX2 (with the exception of the +18dB boost).

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