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Using an M5 as a Rack Wah


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Hello Line6 forum,


I'm Phil from Lunatic Man's Dream!.


I am looking for a effect unit that can deliver the following specs:

- Wahwah sound controllable via expression pedal. So I don't need to run audio cable to my pedalboard but only control cables to switch my rack.
- I want to be able, to turn that effect off by putting the pedal to "zero-position" OR by an integrated footswitch(like in Dunlop pedals). Depending on the way, the unit makes that possible, I choose a fitting expression pedal.


Does the M5 work this way or do i have to programm special midi presets for having the wah turned on or off?


Best regards,


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You can use it with an expression pedal(I do). The M series are picky on what pedals you can use with them, so check compatibility before buying an expression pedal. 


I use the very cheap Line 6 pedal, it works just fine for me.


You can't turn the pedal on and off though via the expression pedal, But you can use midi to turn the M5 On and Off.


I have a switch Dr(it sends midi), so patch 3 has M5 enabled without wah, patch 4 , same patch with wah on. I am sure you get the idea...

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