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  1. If your amp uses a standard 1/4 inch TRS style switching you can use an external device with midi like the voodoo lab control switcher or similar device with midi to switch your amp channels. I use a decibel eleven loop expander and use one of the loops to change channels on my Mesa Mark V 25. The 5150 already has midi, so you just set which channel you want per program change message. You don't need the advance CC messages. Just set per patch, the 5150 manual shows you how to set the amp channel via standard program change using midi learn on the amp. You only need CC to bypass the effects loop via midi.
  2. The midi implementation on the M5 is terrible. And as an owner of both pedals, the M5 is nice and has its place, but it is not anywhere near close to being in the same class as the H9. There is much more to it than just the control software.
  3. kmoed

    Midi control

    Whatever your sending has to be able to send Program change messages to the M9. It will work if it does, but it does not respond to midi notes or CC. Program change only.
  4. You can use it with an expression pedal(I do). The M series are picky on what pedals you can use with them, so check compatibility before buying an expression pedal. I use the very cheap Line 6 pedal, it works just fine for me. You can't turn the pedal on and off though via the expression pedal, But you can use midi to turn the M5 On and Off. I have a switch Dr(it sends midi), so patch 3 has M5 enabled without wah, patch 4 , same patch with wah on. I am sure you get the idea...
  5. The Midi out on the M series pedals is crippled. It's only real use is for dumping your data out of the pedal. Why they did not implement a a proper midi out/thru on these is unknown and quite a shame... You can always get a separate midi controller, and an external midi merge box and control both units via the stand alone controller.
  6. So why can't we make comments on tones that we upload immediately? I posted a tone several years ago, and around a week ago, the option(Click to edit) showed up out of nowhere! (Yay) So I posted 2 more tones, and no option to add comments :( Why is this?
  7. Your clock source in your DAW and or the focusrite utility should be set to the S/PDIF and not internal when connected to the POD.
  8. Modelers are Modelers and Amp are Amps. They both have their place, and neither is going to replace the other. They are both tools to be used as such. I would keep your HD500 and spend the $2000 on a very nice tube amp. I own the HD500 and have used both a Kemper and an AxeFX , Along with UAD amp plugins etc.. All are really great, but they are modelers, you get the same kind of ear "fatigue" after using them for long periods that you get using the HD500. They just start to sound a little fake after extended use. You have to really decide what you are after. Gigging at clubs, want to blow the audiences face off? Buy a tube amp half or full stack. Strictly recording? A nice combo along with your modeler of choice will cover a lot of ground.
  9. The Midi on the M9 is very poor at best, But excellent on the TF, so your best bet is to use the M9 first in the chain as it can really only send out program change messages (and limited to about 24 of those), Once the signal goes into the TF you can route it any way you like from there.
  10. Disappointing, The bean filled a niche, The pro is to big and bulky and expensive for a home studio, the floor board, the same but different real estate. let's hope they do a 1U version of whatever comes next.
  11. Noticing the HD desktop is no longer available at most online retailers. Has this model been discontinued? Will it be replaced with something new?
  12. I had the same issue. How is your stereo mix setup? Are you running your tones strictly mono? I found the headphone mix sounded great, as well as when output via Sp/DIF. I was using a lot of dual amp tones. When sending out to an amp and using the internal mixer in the POD to blend the two, it sounded awful. I added a small behringer mono mixer to my setup, sending both L/R from the pod to the mixer then a mono signal from the mixer to the power amp, and it matched the tone's coming from the headphone out or digital out.
  13. The Plexi model with Vintage 30 cabs will get you into the right area for Blackmore's tones, even the ENGL with lower gain settings. Just keep the Gain DOWN(for either). A good strat or guitar with single coil pickups helps a lot as well.
  14. Thanks, I tried it with just the 1 cable and it worked.
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