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Help with Preset Songs

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I know from reading there are preset songs such as Day Tripper .. Hard Days Night .. songs from the 50's 60's etc.  However, I can not figure out how to get these songs to show up.  Would someone please walk me through on how to find these songs.  Thank You very much confused in Ohio.

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Hi chicago43055


Yes, it is easy to misunderstand the reference to 'songs' in the manual - I did myself to start with. But there are no songs (ie pre-recorded music) in your Spider IV amplifier.
What is referred to as songs in the manual are only preset guitar sounds of famous songs.

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It depends on which amp you have. I don't think you said. If it's the 15 watt there are only 4 presets. You can search this site and the web. There is a several page line 6 document that came out a long time ago which shows how to dial in a bunch of classic/modern rock presets.

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