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KB37 Studio output to Yorkville NX55P

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Please excuse my ignorance, but I typically use amps and more conventional hardware. I'll get to the point and later explain further details below in case they're require to examine my problem.

I'm trying to run my HD500X to my KB37, which self monitors after relaying to my PC based Ableton Live 8. I achieve good visual decibel levels, and its is loud through the headphone jack when using over ear phones, but I can't seem to effectively feed my PA monitor (Yorkville NX55P) for any offensive volume levels, I've tried using a 1/4TRS that Y's to two mono 1/4 from the headphone jack to the Line/CD jacks on the PA, and am only able to achieve fairly quiet performance, nothing that would hurt your ears. This is with the onboard mixer engaged on the PA speaker, and about 3/4 output level and phones level. I could manage no sound with two mono cables from the analog outs (KB37) to the Line/CD jacks on the PA speaker.


I'm trying to use the PA speaker as an FRFR instead of my modeling spider iv 150HD, which has no stereo input or uncoloured channel. I primarily use stereo effects on my HD500X.


My existing setup is as follows: Guitar>Line 6 G90 wireless>HD500X>Boss RC-300 Looper>L/R Inputs KB37>PC/Ableton Live8>KB37>Headphone amp (via analog outs on KB37)


I've been using this setup for silent moonlight jams, where everyone is on headphones. For this experiment however, (understand I'm not achieving stereo yet, just trying the PA out in mono) I've disconnected the analog outs and eliminated the headphone amp.


I'm wondering what I'm missing, if I need a mixer in addition to the KB37, or if I'm not sending the proper line level? signal to the PA. I figured a 550W active PA would blow me away, so far I'm missing something...

Any help would be very much appreciated,

Thanks for reading,

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This might not be a big help I can only tell you how I do it since there is more than one way to do it.

I just keep it simple and run the KB 37 anolog outs into the fx return of the pod and mix it that way, then to the amp or pa from the pod X3 or HD500 analog outs.

Lately I've been using my old X3 Pro the same way. I'll monitor with phones for the setup and record into RiffWorks sending the analog outs or XLR's to amplification.

I'll stick a drum machine or Beat Buddy in between the KB 37 and HD500 fx returns. Works great for playing around the house with friends. It gets real loud too, lol.

In the end all sound from pa comes from the HD500 or X3 Pro and I record using the HD 500 or the X3 Pro. The KB 37 is just run into the FX Returns of the fore mentioned.

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