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[POD HD Pro X] Dry Out to Tube Amp


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Hi all,

I'm currently trying to build a rig with both my trusty POD HD Pro X and my new EVH 5150-III. Currently I'm using the POD direct to FOH and patch changes are taken care off by Cubase through the MIDI connections. As the 50W 5150 is also MIDI compatible I figured to design a rig with the POD to FOH and the 5150 for stage sound.


Now I was wondering whether it's OK or not to connect the "dry out" on the back of the POD to the regular guitar input of the 5150? I know a little bit about impedances and line volumes, but not enough to judge whether solution would damage the tube amp.


Who can help me? :)


Thanks in advance!

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You can do that. 

But, that raises the question... 


How will you hear your effects? 



Which, I don't know you or the music you play, but I prefer to hear what I am sounding like. Me hearing one sound on stage may make me play something that sounds really great to me, but sounds like mush because of the effects that everyone else is hearing. 

I mean, even the adjustment of the volume and tone knob on your guitar will have a different result on your end than it does their end. 

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Thanks for the reply!

I'm playing in a progressive metal band (TRANSIENT STATE), and in a live situation we play with a metronome/backing track/MIDI switching system. So freewheeling and improv is not really an option anyways ;) 


With my current setup (POD HD to FOH) I'm already limited to play in venues with good monitoring capabilities. 
The signal from the POD will be monitored through monitor wedges on stage. The tube amp will be there purely for stage sound for myself (in case of bad monitoring) and for the people on the first rows who will otherwise hear no guitar.

Key will be to adjust the sound of the POD and the amp so that'll blend nicely! Hunt for tone, right? :)

To be honest, I didn't come up with the idea for this type of rig myself. Check out Monuments' John Browne who does a similar thing using the new Helix and a Dual Recto.

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The Dry Out is a normal 1/4" unbalanced connection and is a tap off of the input from the guitar in on the POD.  Essentially it's the same as having a split cable from the guitar to the POD and to the amp.


I guess I understand the rationale as long as your tone doesn't have to change much through the performance, but if the front rows aren't hearing the guitar how are they hearing the vocals?

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