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  1. I generally go DI in for recording and Recabinet in the box Now and then I'll route my pre into the HD FX return and try some amps and FX. It works well for letting a tone determine a song. I might give it another go right now
  2. LOL We all been there. Glad you found it
  3. Haven't heard this term since the ferric tape days when it was enough level to overcome the hiss and noise floor of mics in a room. There is self noise of the equipment itself. As in Microphone recording chain will have a self noise especially tube mics and preamps. The sound in the recording space usually acoustically deadened to lower to self noise of the room. Outside rumble or from Air Con getting in the mic. Mics have a high pass to combat this. The idea to lower the noise floor of the mic in a room when compressed to increase signal to tape would also raise the noise floor. Thus many studios of the late 70's and 80's were completely lifeless and life was added by the new expensive digital FX overriding any god forbid room ambiance. LOL The point was the room even now has to minimize outside noise from getting in (sound proofing)and how the sound in the room bounces around (acoustic treatment) On the HDs the pre amps are the modern cheap but clean design. The self noise of the unit is excellent but add to it an unheralded guitar and the pickups pick up stray electromagnetic fields from the HDs. Electronics, Guitar Amps, TVs, computers, dimmer lights all induce electronic noise into the system and to minimize it you have to shield the guitar. When I first got my HD the noise was unaccepable especially on high gain amps and FX until I shielded all my guitars.
  4. That explains it. A vintage kit would polish the fun Auto tune a few guitar notes and your done. But if your like me you''l have already moved on to the next project.
  5. Seems be to have the unit on the ground at our feet for playing and the computer at desk height for editing. How about those whom gig with it live would it be best to be skilled in editing on the unit more so for quick on the fly tweaks.
  6. I think it sounds great! Good arrangement too! Testament to how good it is, I have an integration suggestion. The guitar tones are authentic but the drums in the interest of integration sound a little over processed. They could be a bit more cohesive with the guitars with some processing removed which usually is some compression removed if at all possible,
  7. Sounds like you might have the channel outputs not going to Master and Master to your interface Monitor outs. And check the ASIO page of your interface in preferences and ensure you have all the ins and outs you are using enabled. But rereading your post you mention that the Helix with that amount of outs doe'nt sound correct. It looks like you have a chanel for each Helix channel but are not completing the routing back into the Helix thus no sound. But simplify is the key here. By routing all via the Mackie you are going backwards a bit. It is only 2 in and 2 out. Any more than that and you are missing the point of mutitrack recording. (my first recording gear were two cassette recorders. You would have to guess the levels the more overdubbing you did)You are doubling the amount of Digital to Analogue conversion necessary by routing all via the Mackie The Helix converts then the Macking converts it back to digital ( not as degrading as cassette tape LOL) You got a powerful DAW with Logic. First it should have drum loops better than beat buddy but if you want to use a pedal beat machine instead of software drums then it can be done. . Put the Beat buddy via the Mackie and record the drums first. I'd make the Helix the monitoring device. If the Helix and Mackie are recognized seperately you could playalong with the drums on the way in There are some great Youtube channel tutorials on how to record. start with Logic ones and you'll soon be up to speed. There are others too for general recording and mixing engineering skills like Pensado's Place Into the Lair, Produce like a Pro, The Recording Revolution to name a few. Recording is an Art and while Helix does make it easier for guitarists and DAWs are making it easy for even non musicians they both require a bit of learning the techniques to recording and mixing and even mastering nowadays. Good luck
  8. I imagine that on the PC is best for loading IRs into the Helix as well? On my HD 500 I found that on the unit I would come up with very good raw tones and never run out of DSP but via EDIT could really blow out the DSP with some effects settings much easier to get creative on. Thanks for the answers.
  9. No worries, I mentioned as the tuner is mono and might only pass thru a broken Mic cable. Also try checking the amp or monitors your using. Hope you get it working
  10. I am just guessing here but have you checked your cables? When tuner selected there is audio but attenuated. Not sure why yours suddenly not working, but check cables is first.
  11. All the GT100 users I know pretty well only ever use the presets on the Boss. Very few of them "edit". I helped them both set up 4CM on their units as both ran their units into the preamps of their Amp. Both having an FX loop on the Amp. After asking each I determined each bought their units based on Boss's reputation with pedals. I have tried their units out and the menus are more detailed but overwhelming in choice to be useful. I found that if I tweaked a preset the tone got worse and I'd revert back to the preset. Admittedly only once for each and it was about an hour each time. On the HD 500 I could tweak and get a better tone than any preset or downloaded custom tone. I mainly only ever edit on the unit itself. I find it very easy to get usable tones
  12. Glad you sorted it out. Having just watched your clip the fact the guitar knob turned down attenuated the noise immediately ruled out the HD itself for me. All my guitars are shielded since owning the HD500 as they induce noise in the pickups being similar to a computer and an amp for that matter at a certain positions of the guitar. Since they were shielded the necessity to turn menu aux input from same to none or variax is not so needed.
  13. Buy. download with HD connected.
  14. Using an external pre/DI or channel strip really makes the HD500 suitable for bass coming from the DI to the FX return on the HD. The reason is the onboard pre while clean is cheap and the bass notes are very lumpy. A pre / DI with tubes and in out transformers smooths the response of the bass. I use a mid priced tube channel strip that has a compressor and. an EQ enhancer To me this improves the signal the modeled amps get. I find the HD's FX interesting and surprisingly good on bass It would be cool to get some modern Bass amps for it
  15. I am awaiting delivery of one of these to convert to analogue the s/pdif out set to dry. The idea for it is for the DI out from the s/pdif to drive a dry center amp. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Digital-to-Analog-Audio-Converter-Optical-Coaxial-Toslink-to-L-R-RCA-Analogue-/331499658825?hash=item4d2eeb5e49:g:blEAAMXQN8BSNrji
  16. I think this wont be such a bother while you trial thru and get to grips with it first up, I'd stick with Studio monitors. You could do what is familiar for you first then you'l know how it works as well and can decide for yourself best way to route..
  17. There are too many amp models to choose from with the model pacls. It is alot to wade thru. There is more than enough in the stock models. Around 30 I think. It is a lot of choice. Albeit I do use the 2204 alot. It does modern well too. While more is always good I'd recommend you explore some models that you havent gone in on. See what you got. If you get the model packs it will keep you plenty occupied while you make choices so best really check out what you got already. The percentage of what you usually end up using out of what you got is about the same.
  18. Here is another option which may just suit you. Yamaha THR100HD
  19. I've never heard it called being a "recreational guitarist"! That is going to stick! Apt! I used to be in gigging rock bands when youing but am now an older recreational player who records pretty much every jam I do. An apt description would be a "musical pilgimage" as I squire new theory and apply acceptable breaking of musical rules. The idea is to actually release a CD but I keep shifting the goal posts as I master my craft further. I am the bass player who puts down guitar parts to accompany., I have a drum kit and keyboards but due to time restraints mainly put a chord progression to Addictive Drums and layer in a bass or vice versa, sometimes lyrics are sung. and I am influenced by some slightly younger than I guitarist mates who love metal. As a bassist I tend to go funk and jazz, as a guitarist rock and jazz. Lately I've realized that I am deficient in standard dance tunes on bass and have gone back to basic basic re learning standard dance genres. Samba Bossa, Tango's etc Youtube is a god send for improving quickly. My PA and Amps are mostly idle and I monitor via a pair of Rokits I mention the above as unless you plan to gig I'd suggest the best pair of Studio monitors utilizing your interface, apply some room treatment. If you have a computer than test out some software modelling and save yourself a bungle. I use a HD500 which for fills my needs and saves CPU on my old music PC. I Would love a Helix and if money was no option I'd probably get one over the Kemper. If you do and your going to use it mainly at home use Studio monitors and if you do the occasional special guest appearance than go via the PA or a trusty Amp. If you plan to gig regular then my advice is to do it with something reliable and fool proof ( PA can be hit and mis depending on sound guy)
  20. The real good amp preamp can trump what is in the HD and while a one trick pony. (Has mostly one good sound setting or only a few) it can have that extra juiciness. Setting the levels right is the first especially to toggle between HD pres and the amp's. 4CM tends to benefit from pre amp models in the HD rather than full amps but full amp models can work Toggle switches and input impedance to try in getting an interactive tone. This is where some guitarist' give up and condemn the HD The output menu options like combo, stack have tone control and the brightness will most likely need attenuating. impedance is the other as well. I cannot recommend a good way to level match between HD and Amp pres apart from trial and error at low volumes at first and remembering to save. Best video and say what you are doing and post it for us. LOL
  21. Only by hand. There are plenty of preset slots in a bank but they are called set lists so you'd have to organize them by setlists change at end of each set.
  22. LOL Well good on you for sorting out the vibrating strings as a cause. good luck with your powered kemper
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