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Digital networking with L3m, L3t, and an L3s

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I have an L3m. I love it.


I would like to purchase an L3t to use for multiple scenarios not the least of which are:


1. Use the L3t all by itself for small gigs, take advantage of built in mixer, FX, etc not available on my L3m.


2. Use my current L3m as LEFT and the soon-to-be-purchased L3t as RIGHT (or vice versa) for bigger gigs (along with an L3s eventually once I have enough saved).


My question is for use case 2, are there any issues using the digital networking (L6 Link) between an L3m and and L3t either with or without the L3s connected?


In other words I know I can run 2 L3m cabs. I know I can run two L3t cabs. But can I run once of each and still benefit from the digital networking / stereo separation / auto crossover feed to the sub woofer (when connected), etc.




Are the L3m and L3t simply not compatible with each other?


Hoping for the best and looking for a Line 6 guru (a k a employee) to chime in.




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Not an employee, but....


You will have no issues with any of the above. The L6 LINK connection among any combination of the Stagesource speakers assigns them appropriately. You can use any one, two, or all three of the above and L6 LINK figures it all out.

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Thank you very much! I was hoping for that answer!


I read the manual a few times and it "seemed" like it should work. But even a few Google searches didn't really help me confirm that. Wasn't sure if there are / were variations in the L6 Link protocol between products of different age, etc. Would seem counter productive but, then again, these are usually the little fine-print gotchas that bite me in the rear when I least expect it.


Thanks for the info. Hope you have a great weekend!

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