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Reverb knob


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Very often you find basic setting in magazines. They advice to turn reverb knob to 5, 8 or whatever.

When you open the reverb effect on the amplifi app you have at the minimum 3 or 5 different parameter.

On the amplifi device you have reverb knob you turn it left to right (0 to 10) .

What should do in the app to set sympli set the reverb to 5 ? What should i do with all those parameters ?

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Hi nguyen232,


The 'Reverb Knob' on AMPLIFi is controlling the MIX parameter only. So if your playing, and want more of that reverb effect, you can simply turn it up/down via the Knob. 


When looking at the Reverb within the app, you see all the Reverbs parameters. Usually these are:


Decay, Pre Delay, Tone, and Mix. 


Decay controls the 'size' of the Reverb. Less Decay = a shorter Reverb, whereas More Delay = a longer/larger Reverb. Think of it as controlling the "room" size. 


Pre Delay allows you to set how much time until the Reverb effect colors your tone. With a short Pre Delay setting, you'll hear the Reverb immediately with every note, whereas a long Pre Delay can be set for the Reverb effect to take a few milliseconds to color your tone. For example, with a maxed out Pre Delay setting, you can make a reverb sound like a slap back echo. 


Next is TONE. This is where you can make the Reverb brighter or darker in tone. Less = Dark  More = Bright


Finally is Mix. Mix is used to control how much Reverb you have. This being the only parameter controlled by the Reverb knob on AMPLIFi. 


If you would like to use the Expression pedal to control other parameters you can this by pressing and holding down on any one parameter and assign to the expression pedal. 

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