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Acoustic/Dobroish/Banjo simulation patches (Audio)


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Hey folks!


Got a chance to sit down today and dabble in creating some acoustic and a banjo patch. They still need work, especially the banjo but I put a little demo together for you guys to listen to. All sounds and processing coming from the Helix. I'm playing an Eric Johnson Strat.


Playing is sloppy but I think this translates the sounds nicely.


MP3 is here:


Your input is much appreciated!






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Sounds cool.  Did you use a metal slide or did you emulate the Dobro slide with your FX blocks?



Hey jp,


Thanks for that. I'm playing actual slide. What I was working hard with was getting a decent acoustic sound out of both the rhythm and lead tones. I'm using a tweaking some very nice IR's found online and it is getting to the point of being convincing my tired ears that is.

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