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  1. I didn't mention the troubleshooting process I guess, but I've used multiple condenser mics that are all confirmed as working correctly with other gear. I honestly don't need the Helix for vocal tracking, but it allows me to use effects without any CPU overhead on my computer when I am tracking. I haven't tried a dynamic, but even if it worked, it wouldn't fix the problem we seem to have. It seems like the mic input on this thing has been plagued with problems. Not to mention, I can't send my tuner output to send 3/4 anymore either, so my polytune is now going unused as well. :(
  2. So something is seriously wrong here. The Mic input is broken in every sense of the word. Connecting a mic gives very low input signal, but the gain knob does absolutely nothing. Minimum or maximum = the same input level. So I tried cycling Phantom power off and, well, it does;t turn off. My condenser mic still gets through, albeit at a completely unusably quiet level. What's up here Line 6?
  3. Hey guys, I just plugged in my condenser mic into my Helix, but the gain knob does absolutely nothing. Full gain? Normal (Low) signal. Gain at 0? Normal (Low) signal. This seems to be related to the latest firmware update, as I've used this before without issue until today. Anyone else seeing this same issue?
  4. I'm set up to have Logic do all my switching for me and it's the best thing that's ever happened to our live show. I can run around anywhere and not have to worry about tapping on anything at all. It feels so free :) That being said, I have set up my presets with their own tempo that matches the song it is for, so it doesn't need to read the midi clock from the DAW at all. I think the 2.0 update allows for the MIDI sync, but I'm not gonna do that update till the update issue is fixed and I have time to rebuild whatever tones it breaks.
  5. Making sounds and writing songs.

  6. Have you tried using Acoustic impulse responses? The Taylor ones sound pretty damn good, even if it's just your starting point. Rizzo
  7. Hey guys, I have a few external pedals and I use loop output 4 to send to my Polytune, but every time I power the Helix up, I have to go change that setting manually. Why can this not be saved?
  8. Try putting your amp on the side of the stage, facing inward, as opposed to facing forward toward the crowd. It will give them more volume and also keep your amp from blasting the faces of people in the front.
  9. Oooooo, here's mine before it was complete. The power cable is tied down now and I have an eyelet to clip a caibeaner to that's tied to my XLR cables, so if someone trips over a cable, it's not "Bye bye Helix". Anyhow, love the rigs!
  10. This. Absolutely this. I have never been so angry and frustrated with a piece of technology. I LOVE my Helix, but the state of the LED should be EASILY switchable in the customize section where you change the color/name etc. I think this is quite an oversight.
  11. I did the same thing :) I didn't notice there was a single block, stereo loop that has trails built in. Rock and rolling. Now to figure out how to do all my switching via MIDI data from my DAW....
  12. And Joe is the Hero of the day. I can't believe I didn't figure that out. It makes perfect sense. Much thanks!
  13. So here's the problem. I am sending signal to my delay via send 3 and getting a stereo return from 3/4. A stereo return does not have the ability to enable trails. Seems like it would be an easy software patch to fix it. Hopefully it's in the next batch.
  14. Hey guys, I am set up using a few pedals in loops. To keep the tails on my delay, I am manually bypassing my delay manually and leaving the loop on for certain patches. I am noticing however, that there is a slight change to the tone of the guitar when the loop is on, even if the delay is bypassed. I have messed with the 'Dry Tru' and the mix on the return and the mix on the delay itself, but there seems to be a very faint chorus-y thing going on when the delay is switched off. I am generally pretty good at isolating these things, but I haven't had any luck getting rid of the tone change. I realize there will probably always be SOME, when using external pedals, but I didn't expect it to be so apparent. Any thoughts on what I may be missing?
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