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Problem with Volumes in Customtone Patches for my HD500


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Hello, I own a HD500 and I have found some great patches on Line6 Customtone. The problem is, that some of the patches are very loud compared to my own designed patches. I have a VOX AC30 Amp connected. This tube amp need a bit of volume for a good sound, I have the volume poti 30-40% opened. The problem is, when I reduce the volume in the customtone patch, the patch sounds no longer good. I have tried to reduce the volume in the FX Section in the Distrotion volume, in the Amp Section in the Amp Master and Channel Volume, in the Mixer Section the Main Mix metter where I reduce the volume, the sound looses its power and distortion. Thank you for help !

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That's the problem with using other people's stuff. 


John likes his patches loud. Little Jimmy likes his patches quiet. 

Both make great patches, but they do not make patches that work together. 




This is why I often refer to needing  a "base line". 

It doesn't help when it comes to other people's patches, but when it comes to making your own.... 

I choose a guitar. The same guitar every time. 

I choose a patch. The same patch every time. 

I have an mp3 player. The same mp3 player every time. 

I set it to a certain volume. The same volume every time. 

I have an mp3 file. The same file every time. 


Because the mp3 jack is not controlled by the master volume - I try to match my playing (using the master volume) to the mp3 that is being played. And then, I match the volume of my future patches to that first patch. 

It doesn't matter what song or volume level you choose, you just have to stick with it. Otherwise everything gets thrown off.

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Hmmmm -> high patch volume = good, low patch volume = bad. Plug a set of headphones into the HD and what do you hear? Probably the sound the patch was made to sound like (good or bad). I am thinking you are using the HD's signal to drive the Vox's pre which would sound pretty good - like a giant expensive Tubescreamer.


Just thinking.



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