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Acoustic Model and Impulse Response Confusion

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I posted in the Helix thread about using my Variax acoustic models, Impulse Responses, and my Helix. The IR's I had found were many but ended up downloading a few. One of the was a J45 with a Neumann.


When I pull up the Acoustic J 200 on my workbench, and then choose the acoustic user setting I setup in my Helix (which has nothing attached to it, no amps , no effects,) so that I can monitor it before recording in my DAW it sounds really pretty good. I popped a little compression and it sounded really good.


Tell me if my thinking is correct. The Line 6 Variax Acoustic J200 is an impulse response correct? It is a "sample" of a mic and a guitar. Question is if I load a in Impulse response like the J45 with the Neumann into the Helix, doesn't that mean that the J45 and Nuemann "sounds" will combine themselves with the line 6 J200 and whatever mic Line 6 used to create that model.

Very confusing to me.

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I don't know for sure but I believe that the Variax models are just that and an IR is different from a model. as for your other question you can mix the IR's with what ever you plug into the helix by putting in an IR block in the path somewhere.   

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A Variax guitar isn't just using a response. It much more than that, and one of the main difference is Variax works per string (using the very high frequency of the piezo pickup) and through filters and resonators, it shape the "host" guitar. Through the Variax string isolation you can elaborate string gauge, string material, size of the resonator chamber (guitar body), type of body etc etc. The Variax istelf is part of the tone recreation. With the Helix IR all you can do is to simulate the overall acoustic shape of the entire system (strings, body, room, mic). I mean, the Helix IR works just per signal, shaping more the overall acoustic timbre, but isn't really going to match an host instrument as Variax does. 


Said that, I personally avoid to use Variax acoustics through an Helix acoustic IR (I like using just a mic preamp IR*) , but with these technologies there are not rules. You can experiment your own to find your tone.


*EDIT: I meant mic preamp block sorry. :)

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