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Bought a new phone and now Amplifi will not pair


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I recently replaced my Galaxy S5 with the S7 Edge.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the Amplifi app and still, my device will not pair with the Amplifi.  Has anyone else had this issue and more importantly, how did you fix it?  

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Hi Flowride,


Are you unable to connect via Bluetooth?


Or are you unable to get the app to connect to AMPLIFi?

When I turn on the Amplifi, the bluetooth flashes, but when I try to pair it with my phone, nothing happens.  

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I'm pretty certain its because it's still paired to the previous device. It can be tricky troubleshooting the connection issues and stuff, but you get the hang of it.


Unpair, pair to new phone, then connect in the app, and turn the bluetooth on on the amp.

Thanks, man.  I will give this a shot in the A.M.  

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