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Line 6 Corp Service Center


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Amazing repair work.


I sent my Helix to Line 6 So. Cal. on a RMA.  They received it early on the 12th of August and I just got it back this morning around 9:30am Pacific.  I then uploaded 25 IRs and 4 User setlists; not all the setlists are at 100% so maybe 120 presets all together.  And I did install the setlists not the individual presets just for the heck of it.  Then I overwrote several of the presets with other presets as a test.


Before I sent it in I could recreate my issue repeatedly.  After stress testing it and doing everything I could to recreate the issue there was not one hiccup other then the rebuilding presets the first time I restarted the unit after loading my presets.  Other than that I have had several hours of trouble free performance.


But there is more!  The reverb and echo FX blocks I use are ...  "WOW" ... crystal, more pronounced, and almost sound like higher then high fidelity components got installed.  I am now toning down my reverb and echo FX blocks as well as reducing the gain to below 0.0 on my normal global EQ setting.


Playing a Fair this Thursday.  Can't wait


Thank you to Line 6 repair





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