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Where's the gain?


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Hi, all. Just got my Amplifi 75 and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the high gain patches don't pack a lot of punch...?


I've been using L6 stuff since the bean and have always had to turn the gain down, but with this thing it feels like I can't get a good heavy crunch or sustain even with the gain at 10.


Am I alone on this? Is it possible I got a lemon (it was a factory refurb)? Any suggestions on patches I should try to test it out? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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I just starting tinkering with my FX100 for the first time last night.  I was with you, thought the gain was lacking.  But here's what I did, and love it now!


I found good tones by tweaking the Master of Puppets and Still of the Night tones.  With both, using my iOS app, I set the gain on the amp setting to 75%, and used the Tube Screamer stomp box.  (Tube Screamer settings didn't make much of a difference.  As long as it was on.)  Then tweak the EQ.  Gotta boost the high frequencies to get that gain bite.  That's where I'm struggling now.  I'm real close to tones I like, but need to figure out which frequencies to boost/cut, and by how much.

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