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Pod Edit Doesnt Recognize My Pod Anymore , Help !

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I got a Pod HD300 and I have been really happy with it for like 2 months , a short while back , I downloaded some custom tones and when I was opening the in pod edit it suddenly stopped working , when I reopened it , It wouldnt recognize my HD300 anymore , all the other programs recognize my Pod , I even recorded some EP tracks with it , its just Pod edit now


for additional information :


I tried fixing it using monkey and I ran into something really weird

line 6 monkey doesnt recognize my Flashdrive firmware (but its there in my pod ) and it wont let me reinstall it !

I might take a screenshot for additional info


the question is : how do I fix this and get the pod edit to recognize my device again?

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It sounds like the Edit software drivers have corrupted.

Try reinstalling the drivers.

Oh I just recalled, after you reinstall you must restart your computer and that might of occurred or similar when it stopped working.

Hopefully its all good soon.

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