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Amp model selection skips a beat


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Selecting Amp Models using the Rotary feature of the Helix Floor's Joystick, often involves a noticable hesitation and does not display the next or previous model item. Although the next detent is clearly felt, the rotary encoder's command to the Helix's OS seems to get lost (or ignored).

This causes the displayed Model not to advance to the next or go back to the previous Model. Essentially, Helix seems to skip a beat during this rotary selection, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

This happens regardless if the display is Model List display or Home Screen Amp Block selected (where the Model name appears on the lower portion of screen view). And, regardless if an Amp+Cab, Amp, or PreAmp Block type.

I did notice that while in Amp Model List display, this often (but not only) occurs when the last item in each list screen's worth of models is reached.

I posted this to one of the Support Forum threads recently and another user concurred that they had similar findings. (I have been unable to find that thread using the Forum's limited Search tools.)

Although this is an intermittent symptom, it does occur frequently enough to be encountered at least once if not several times every Helix session. This happens on more than one preset. Each preset is only path 1 with looper block, amp+cab block, amp block, cab block, a stereo FX Rtn block, stereo Gain Block, and stereo FX Send.

Helix not connected to a computer.

Fw 2.10 installed.

No pre 2.10 presets exist.

HELIX is 3 wks new.


Support Ticket Submitted.

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The first thing Support will likely suggest is that you update to the recently released v2.11. In addition to some listed bug fixes,  the release notes state that it also fixes some other minor bugs. No way to really know if the bug you're describing has already been fixed until you test out the new firmware.


To update, start with the Helix app (editor) package which you will find by going to the Downloads area of this website under the Support tab above. On the Downloads page select Helix in the Software (middle) field, not in the Products (left) field. Download the installer file and follow all instructions carefully.

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I have no prexisting Helix custom presets, 3rd party patches, nor IR headaches to be concerned with, so unless the problem has been remedied and is included amongst yesterday's: "General stability improvements" and "Other minor bug fixes and optimizations" I'm content to await the next significant update, learn more about using the Helix, hunt for more bugs and continue to submit use suggestions.


Once another 2.11 user replies that the issue is no longer present, or, that it persists (alternatively, when Line 6 explicitly replies to the Support Ticket) I'll know, if I need to install 2.11.


Until Line 6 releases an Android Updater for the Helix, installing an update is inconvenient. Particularly a one one-hundredth (2.10 -> 2.11) update, such as yesterday's, absent any new substantial features.

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