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Refurb Variaxes for sale by Line 6


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To get back to the topic, I bought a refurbished 89F from L6 through eBay. It did not have a new warranty... it was either 30 or 90 days (my memory isn't what it used to be),


The guitar is terrific. There were a few light pick scratches on the top, but other than that it was as new. All the models sound great and there was no plink whatsoever, which was a relief because my 59 had a bad case of plinkitis.

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The Variax is great, and that's coming from a guy who owns a US limited edition Strat, a US PRS, a vintage Gibson, and has owned a Music Man Luke III. I expected it to be good enough, but was surprised to find that it is just plain good, no modifiers needed.

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"Scratch and dent" generally means some minor cosmetic flaw, or a few pick scratches if it was used as a mine from Sweetwater too, and I had a hard time finding the "scratch".


But to me "refurbished" screams "this thing had a problem"...otherwise there's nothing to "refurbish". Same reason I won't buy a used car. You never know what you're getting, or what was done to it. And warranty or no, as far as I'm concerned, a unit that already has a history of problem(s) is more likely to have future issues than one that hasn't been out of the box yet.


I'm just the opposite for the most part.  "Refurb" in my experience is more "checked over with a fine tooth comb".  Maybe a return, or re-box, just something that prevents it being sold as new.    It's like the advantage of "used" (see below) but it's new at a lower price.


Also, refurb pretty much guarantees it's been checked over and is 100%, where new items like guitars, they may only be checking 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 out the door. 


If I can buy used, I do, I prefer refurb, or certified pre-owned, but....  While sometimes it's just nice to have something "new", things like cars and guitars and tools, let someone else work the kinks out, deal with the immediate depreciation and high insurance.


Come to think of it, the only new guitars I have were custom made for me, or the latest was one that was used as the sample new model that was at the NAMM and Musikmesse conventions... so technically it's "factory refurbed".

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