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A passive FRFR cab powered by tube amp or a class D?


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Well we know for a fact that transistors are not best options for loud gtr. That's why I guess class D amps goes to 1000w for a grr amp.

Anyhow, is some of you have try to power their FRFR cab with a tube power amp?

It will colour the sound but does it bring a tube punch and feel that a loud guitariste would like. ?

I have to decide if a go with a Xitone 2x12 passive ( tube option) or active with it's built in class D power.


My Helix will be performing cab sim of course.


Thanks for sharing tour experience or advices.



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In a way you're really using opposing terms here.  What generally makes a FRFR speaker FRFR is that it has it's own internal DSP processing that can level out the response across the entire frequency range.  You have to have power going to the speaker in order to power the DSP processing.

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I use an Engl E840 2x 50W tube poweramp with my self made 2x 12" beyma 12ga50 cab.

I know it's not 100% FRFR, but it rocks.

The Engl amp has enough clean headroom and is neutral to use even an amp-sim in helix.

The beyma speaker is a coaxial pa speaker which goes up to 18kHz ,


I use it also for acoustic guitar, which gives a very nice tube flavour to it.


Important is to use a tube amp with enough clean headroom.


If you want to go mono, then the fryette powerstation is also a very good option.




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Hello Mike

FYI: I use an evolution 2x12" diagonal cab with beyma 12ga50 speaker. Very compact and light!


I tried the cab sim but with my setup it sounds much better without the cabsim. Strange !!!
I only use a para eq low pass 9 kHz. Using the cabsim my sound was boxy, without it's fat and clear.
The clean sound is stellar and the distorted sounds have punch and clarity.


For PA I use a stereo di-box Samson S-Max MD2Pro between power amp and speaker.

I compare the direct helix output sound and the sound of the di box, the di box sound is smoother and less harsh.


I know, normaly I should use a cab sim into a frfr speaker, but for me it sounds better.

The most important thing for me was that I can play electric and acoustic guitar with the same amp.




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