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Midi Program Change When Selecting Tone

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I'm trying to do something which I think it not possible, but who knows ?

I try to command my Whammy 5 with the Pod HD.


What I would like, is the Pod HD to send a specific Program Change command when I select a tone, so I can set the Whammy to a specific program for that tone.


I can do it by assigning MIDI to one of the FBV controller switch, but then I have to press it to make the program change. I'd like to skip that part (lazy is my second name) and have it done automatically when I select a tone.


Any idea how I might achieve that ?







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You can't.


The floor Pod HDs will transmit their specific PC on the default MIDI channel as it changes, but there is no way to define any other PC mapping.


Which would be really useful - as would the ability to define on and off CC values for the switches. I mean you can define a Sustain On CC message to be sent when you press a switch, but you can't send Sustain Off unless you dedicate another switch to it. The things are nearly really useful MIDI controllers, but fall short on a few things - one of which is being able to define a user defined PC to be sent when the patch changes 

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This is one of those things that I don't like...My old Yamaha SPXs all have PC midi mapping built in...Anyway, there is a little box that could give you the mapping you seek...a little pricey, but fairly compact for problems like this...I like this one because it is about the size of a direct box and you can customize it to do a sequence of anything (CC, PC, etc) based on any midi data event...



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