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v.1.30 Features?


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Talking of the v.1.30 update, I don't know whether anyone else has posted this, but if you search for the FH1500 updates, it explains what v.1.30 does (on the FH1500, at least!).  Does anybody know whether this also applies to the FHFX?  Clearly there would have to be a different way of accessing it as we don't have a 'preset' button on the floor unit.


It says - 


"New Features
Block Bypass, Expression controllers, and Looper functions can now be triggered by incoming MIDI CCs (MIDI DIN only). Please see the following KB article for more information:
XLR output volume can now be adjusted from Live Edit Mode. This was implemented to avoid clipping the ADC prematurely. It is set to -15dB by default, to provide adequate headroom for mid to high gain tones.
To edit the XLR output volume:
1. Press the preset knob to enter Live Edit Mode.
2. Scroll left to "Etc:ReAmp/MIDI/Main" and press the preset knob.
3. Scroll right to "Etc:XLR Out"
4. Turn the Main (Big) Knob to set the value.
Bug Fixes
Various bug fixes and improvements"
The KB article says - 
Firehawk 1500 v1.30.0 now responds to individual incoming midi to control various effect block bypass controls, expression pedal values, or triggers virtual foot switches (like FBV3). Prior to this, Firehawk 1500 previously only responded to and sent out program change messages. All MIDI control is thru the MIDI DIN ports only, no MIDI over USB functionality has been implemented. Here's the updated reference chart
And the charts -
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I emailed Line6 About this update when it dropped and this was the official reply:



 Thanks for your support ticket inquiry. The release notes are posted along with the flash version download. It states that this update includes various new bug fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations in overall usage. There are no more details beyond this. Let me know if you have any further questions.
 Kind regards,
Jason-Line 6 support"
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This update allows users like me to control their firehawk1500 amp with a pod hd500x over midi with some more control then was there earlier . Took a bit to get just right but the pedal controls all amp changes and effects on off with both vol/wah control 🤠

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