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Helix Native Plugin - Native Linux VST3 / LV2 Support?


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The upcoming Helix Native plugin looks very cool, and I see it will be offered in the typical array of formats: "Compatible with AAX, AU, and VST3 platforms"


Is there any hope the Line 6 devs will include a native Linux VST3  plugin build, given Steinberg's release of the VST SDK with Linux support? 






Similarly, any plans for an LV2 build if not a native VST3 build?


The combination of the Helix Native plugin with Linux Native DAW applications (Bitwig, Ardour, Renoise, etc.) would be pretty killer.

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As Line 6 have been mad enough to use VST3 instead of VST2 I guess there is a very small chance bordering on the very improbable.


Helix Native will support both VST2 and VST3. VST3 is loaded by default; you must check a box during installation to load VST2.


I'm not aware of any imminent plans to support Linux, but Steinberg is one of our sister companies, so anything's possible.

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