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Static Wall


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I spend most of my team using the Archetype Lead and German Ubersonic amps. I also really dig the US Deluxe Norm tone with the Vermin Dist pedal. When I play three+ string power chords, there is a very audible static wall mixed in with the sound. No matter where I move on the neck, the static keeps the same non-musical pitch, like when you'd turn to a bad channel on an old TV but higher pitched. I used this at my band's practice barn and this "fizz" overpowered my guitar while my buddy was also playing.

My guess is that the distortion is making noises that have nowhere to go, so they just come out as static-sounding. It's just weird that the pitch of this "noise" stays the same. No static in clean tones.


1) How can I get rid of this annoyance? I've tried messing with the global settings, noise gates, and the input gate. I've tried messing with the drive, mids, and treble. Maybe I'm just bad!

2) Does this happen with Tube Amps, or is this just a digital issue?


Thank you,


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If you are you going FRFR or direct to PA? If so....... Try to set the global EQ.  I suspect that is what you are talking about. Does this happen to tube amps - no - but that is because tube amps are not built to be full range but to only enhance a guitar.

To get the same result out of the Helix, Set your global EQ with a drastic low cut at 100Hz and a high cut at 5KHz.  You are then squishing the output of the Helix to come out through the frequencies of a typical tube amp - that is probably what you are looking for.

There are other ways to achieve that, but from how you asked this question this is the simplest and least technical "fix" - and a totally valid one.

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