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Fully Charged Variax battery not working - FIXED!

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Hey gang!


  Ran into an odd issue and was able to do a home-fix to get it going again.


   I plugged a fully recharged Variax battery into my JTV-69S, but it wouldn't power up. Hooked it up to the 500X with the VDI cable and it was good. Okay, what's up with the battery?


   Looked inside the battery cavity and in-between the two alignment pins is a small flat piece of metal that makes a connection to the battery. It looked more like it was flush to the cavity and unable to make contact with the battery. I popped out the screws that hold the cavity in the guitar and pushed the "fat" end of a flat toothpick into the underside of the metal tang to push it up to the battery connection. It works again!


   So, I pushed the toothpick in until it was seated and clipped off the remainder, leaving just enough to snag with a pair of pliers in case I need to pull it out at some point in the future. A box of 750 was only $1 at the grocery store. I have 749 toothpicks left... anybody need one? Ha! (They also work great when you have a loose strap pin. Remove the strap pin screw, drop the toothpick in the hole, trim off the excess and put the screw back in. Bam! Nice and tight again!)

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I am having this same issue now. The battery used to make a satisfying "click" when I installed it, now it does not. No power to the guitar. I have lots of guitars and I have to say I like this JTV-69S much more than I thought I would. That said, if it's not reliable, how can I gig with it? Any suggestions to get the battery to connect again? And yes, it's fully charged, lol. :-)

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I'm having the same issue. Could some of you guys demonstrate grafically what the solution was? I'm not sure what you're calling "third contact" and such. Sorry, not the most handy guy here (at least with eletronics). Will appreciate any help!

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Thanks for posting this.  I had the same problem and this fixed my issue.


I have included a picture showing where I inserted the toothpick to get the connector to pop up.  I am checking with Line 6 to see if I can get a new battery compartment.  It looks pretty easy to replace.  


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