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Shuriken Pickup-Switch in way of strumming.


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I often find myself hitting the switch right into bridge position when I strum– this happens most often when it is in middle setup, not in neck position, as one might think; 


Of course, one can easily say: "adjust your playing and be cautious with the strumming". One of Stevics major arguments for this technology is to make the guitar bend to your will; make things more convenient in order to "perform harder" – 


Since the placement of the switch is not so easy to alter, I wanna ask you guys the following:


1) Is the switch-unit itself "conventional" and therefore could be replaced?


2) If yes: do you guys know a switch that is shaped a little bit different so the I hit it less often / doesn't flip so easily? Shuriken isn't the only guitar with that switch placement– I can't be the only one bothered by this :D


3) If no: I'd even consider bend / curve the switch– do you see any problems in that regarding the technology? 


4) Or maybe a different shaped plastic head / cap / tip (what's it actually called?)



I'd really like to solve this issue; switching pickups on Variax guitars have way more consequences than on normal guitars ;D



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