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Thinking about changing the fretboard radius


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Hi guys, thinking I'd like to change the fingerboard radius of my Variax Standard from the stock 14" to 10". Fenders at 9.5" are very comfortable for me to play on, and I just bought my first PRS that feels super great with its 10" radius. I haven't found a replacement Yamaha neck that has a 10" radius so now I'm going get the appropriate tools ($350+ stewmac, ouch!) and give it a shot. I have a few questions that perhaps someone can answer for me:


* Does Yamaha/Line 6 Variax Standard builders glue in their frets?

* Does a radius change affect the Variax electronics in any way? I wouldn't think so but good to ask I think.


Since I am going to have to remove the frets anyhow, thought I would put in some jumbo stainless steel since I really like playing on it and it lasts forever.


As a footnote, I have done nut slot, refret and setup work a few times so not too fearful doing the radius, but any helpful advice is welcomed. Thanks!

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""Does a radius change affect the Variax electronics in any way?"--- Only if the

radius differs from the piezo bridge radius beyond a certain point that piezo contact

with the strings is affected. Never tried that, so I don't know where that point would be.


And if the guitar is still under warranty, would advise against it.


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"Frets probably glued in".... yeah, I was thinking that too. I'll heat the frets up with a solder iron to loosen the glue.


"Adjusting bridge radius"... Cool, I'll keep an eye on that.


"Voiding warranty" .... understandable and acceptable.


Thanks for the input guys.

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