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HD500x Volume boost mystery...


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I downloaded a bunch of decent tones from the Tone Library that other users uploaded.  My thoughts were to tweak those already made settings slightly to my preference and be done. 

The "EVH 5150 III" tones are actually pretty good.  I have a Delay, Chorus, and Flanger effect going through the effects loop chain on the signal path, and assigned buttons to activate or de-activate either of these on the top row of the HD500x. 

When I hit the Chorus effect, I get a bump in volume.  The same happens with the Flanger, but not as much as the Chorus.  I tried to change the Mix level and Tone level, and anything else I could think of to get the volume to not be boosted but it still happens. 

How do you fix this?


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This is good info to know...but is there a way to NOT make it boost the signal?  This is a major problem, I can't believe that they didn't know this would happen.


I'm sure they did know. I believe the actual device it's modeled from has this behavior as well, which is why it's there in the HD.

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Not sure if this approach would works for everyone or not, but I like it...It's really about the same thing I did way back when with actual gear.


With Single Amp tones, I split the FX chain after the amp and put my post FX on the top chain and leave the bottom chain clear...I have a raw tone on path B and path A is extremely wet post FX...I blend raw/FX balance with the mixer. The core amp tone is preserved better and less trouble with FX that have little volume behaviors since they are isolated on the FX chain. Anyhoo, just a thought...

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