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using two DT25's and HD500x

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Got a hd500x back in 2015.  after many hours... i love it.  I then got a dt25.  I've had some problems with the amp ... from fuses blowing, to tubes going bad... probably put in 4 sets over the last few years.  When it works it is great.  My latest problem with the amp is the presence (or sometimes the mid) would shoot to about 75% without me doing anything.  This happens when I use the AES cable or the XLR cable.  


I just bought another dt25, partly to see if they would change on a new amp, and to have a backup... (or to look cool on stage by having two amps :)).  The first thing I noticed is the presence (or the mid) behaves as it should.  It doesn't change by itself.  The second thing I noticed is it sounds much better than my old amp with the same settings.  I think I may have a tube going bad again in my old amp.


Ok, hope you are still reading because here are my questions:


1. The new amp labels that light up (volume, bass, treble, etc.) are yellow, not white like my old amp.  Is that the way it is supposed to be or do those lights eventually get dimmer and go out?  The amp sounds great and seems to work fine so it really isn't a big deal.


2, I wanted to play through both amps so I hooked them together using the l6 link.  On the HD500x I set the l6:Control to Amp1:=AmpA; Amp2=AmpA.  It looks like I have to set this for each patch.  Is there a way to globally set this, so I don't have to go do this to all my patches?  


I'd also love to hear if anyone else is using this setup and what variations you guys use.



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You need be sure to use Line 6 Link, which is a 110-Ohm AES cable and not 50-Ohm mic cable.

Needs to be serviced by an authorized service center who knows the product. Best to log a support

ticket in your Line 6 account. This is not something you can fix yourself.

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Sounds like an internal, maybe multiple issue with the amps, it needs to be checked out by a tech who knows the product.

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