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New purchase String spacing issue.


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I have just received the Variax Limited Edition Amethyst. (#265?) Whatever the number, I don't collect guitars but I did like the top flame and rich hue. I still do in person. Will call the guitar "Violet".


But maybe not for long!!

The string spacing across the neck is very compressed.

The neck width is 1.63" just in front of the nut.

The high E string, appears to be 3.4mm (string to fret edge) at the first fret and that space increases to 5.1mm at the 22nd fret,(last fret). That same string completely missed the corresponding pole pieces on the neck pickup and middle pick up and just clips the pole piece of the bridge pickup.


If I push the string to where it should lay along the neck, it lines up better with the pole pieces but the bridge and saddles are fixed and pull the string back off course.


The nut seems well cut and spaced although I'm going to do further measurement.


Have any Std owner had this issue? Can it be addressed? (I don't see how because the saddles are piezo)


As it exists, this guitar is a novelty item that isn't gig worthy.  Looking for any constructive feedback.


Thank you,



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If it were me, I'd send it back. From your description, it almost sounds as if the bridge is mounted in the wrong spot... mounting holes wouldn't have to be off by much to produce exactly what you've described.


Before you box it back up tho, there is the possibility that the neck is not seated in the pocket quite right either. It might be worth loosening the mounting bolts a bit and see if the neck shifts in the pocket at all... you might be able to tug it just enough in the right direction to get things to line up better.

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The neck is secure and straight. I believe its the bridge thats used. Its a 2 1/16" string spacing on a fairly wide neck. The vendor sent me pictures of the other standards, white, black, sunburst, and they all have similar issues to a greater or lesser extent.


I've restrung it with 9.5's, lowered the action to a playable range, and adjusted the pickup height accordingly.


I don't know what I'm going to do. I could fix this with about $200 in parts, and void my warranty on a guitar thats never going to see the stage otherwise.


This guitar needs a vintage string spacing (2 7/32") with 2 1/16" mounting holes plus the wider cut nut.


Its a shame.

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A 3 year old post!!

But I bought a vintage spaced bridge and of course the Variax trem block wouldn't mount up, so I bought a trem block and milled it to fit the cavity  and the piezo PC board.

The string alignment is pretty much perfect (except for the low E going over the bridge pole piece. The string spacing on the neck is much more comfortable (for me) and the high and low E strings to the neck edge seem more consistent. 


Sitting on my desk are a set of "Ghost" piezo saddles. They are going in next. Hopefully sooner than 3 years.



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