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Variax Standard. Intermittent Squeeling screeching noise with acoustic models

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Looking for help with this problem please:


My Recently purchased Variax Standard Guitar gives a loud unpleasant Squealing screeching noise intermittently with acoustic models. Never happens (so far) with other models. Noise continues until I switch off or unplug Guitar. Wanted to use in a live situation but need this rectified first!


I’m Using variax with standard guitar lead straight into an Alesis USB mixer and I have updated firmware and ensured battery is fully charged.


Is this a known issue? Any help appreciated please

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If it's a whistling howling sound in Alt Tune mode or Acoustic 12-string, then probably

the intonation needs to be dialed in a little tighter.


If it's a warbling distortion, then it's more than likely the pick-up distance to the strings

needs to be adjusted.


Either way, it sounds like a set-up issue. I use acoustic Models to check for this sort of thing

when I service these guitars as the resonance quality and harmonic content of those Models

brings that out more.



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Update on this issue, Guitar went back to LINE 6 who replaced the main internal component and it’s working fine now 😄

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