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Send/Return issues with FX loop JVM

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Im having some slight issues that I can't seem to figure out.  I started a new preset to work with 4CM.  Ive tried setting the send/return up different ways, but the problem I am having is when I activate the wah, it turns my fx send/return block off.  If I activate fx block while wah is active, then when I de-activate the wah, it turns the fx block off.  Is there any way to leave the fx block on at all times? why is the wah linked to it?  How do I change it?  I also tried using the 4CM template, and the HELIX PreAmp would disable my fx block when I activated the pre-amp..any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  


(Here are a few pics of the different ways I have tried.  Everything works until the wah is activated)




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I think I got it figured out.  Had to go into controller assign and turn off footswitch for the send/return

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