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69S pickup replacement

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I just put in a set of DiMarzio Area pickups. A 58 in the neck and middle and a 61 in the bridge on my 69s.

I needed noiseless pickups.  I'm still playing with the pickups and the Helix but I think they'll work out.


If you do this yourself, the pickguard comes off pretty easily but there is a ground wire that runs from the 5-way switch to a screw in the body cavity. You need to be very careful not to break that wire so it may be easiest to remove the ground screw so you can move the pickguard more easily.


The pickups connect to a printed circuit board on the 5-way switch. I ended up cutting the existing wires on the bridge pickup and splicing them to the new one becasue they were a little hard to get to on the circuit board.  The neck and middle pickup connection points were easier to get to. You'll need some solder wick and/or a solder sucker pump to clean out the circuit board holes if you want to go direct to the board.


Everything in the cavity was neat and tidy. They used nylon cable ties in key locations so you'll have to carefully cut those away to change out the pickup.


One thing I saw on the forums was that the circuitry in the JTVs is expecting pickups with a DC resistance of 6K-8Kohms. I found that many bridge pickups have a hgher DC resistance than this but without a schematic, I'm not sure what issues that might cause. Just something to keep in mind when you choose a pickup.



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I am also considering to swap pickups in my JTV 89F and understand that their resistance needs to be between 6-8kOhms. However, all the bridge pups I like have higher bulk resistance. Could someone tell me what the negative consequences of a magnetic pickup with higher/different resistance can be? Is this going to blow the electronics up after first plugging in the guitar, or may it cause the degradation of sound quality in certain situations, or something in between?


Many thanks

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