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Anyone using HD500x as midi pedal with Helix Native on MainStage?


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Assuming you have successfully loaded Native in Mainstage and  have tried MIDI learn/map before...


Pg B.5 of the HD500X manual shows how you can assign a MIDI Channel and CC number to a footswitch  and the values it will have, then you can use it to learn preset changes in Mainstage.

I haven't been able to do preset changes via MIDI commands direct to Native so I "copy" the Native presets to Reaper 's preset list instead.

I've assigned A & B footswitches of my Line6 FBV with MIDI CC numbers an value range to change the track FX presets  in Reaper.

I have also been able to assign different  footswitches to handle the different snapshots.


I don't use Mainstage as VST Host as I am running Windows  but i think the principle should still hold.



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Because there are utilities in there (not a product btw, nothing to buy, the page I linked just cuts down the thousands of forum posts it took to get there) to remap anything and everything. No need to remap the HD500's MIDI messages. 


Helix Native user Brian Dress worked out a way to control snapshots using this process as well


Basically, this is a way to use any MIDI controller, regardless of what types of messages it sends out, achieve auto engage for wahs and other expression pedal type FX, and get glitchless, pop free, dropout free switching, including custom crossfades. For instance making the clean swell out for a long time as you are switching to distortion, kind of a Black Sabbath Children of the Sea effect. Also the ability to create spillover effects. Basically, any routing chain you can think of, and switch between them with no issues

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