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Reverb disappeared on a patch


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I downloaded a patch from the Customtone link into my 2.53 rack Helix.

Fired it up, sounded really cool.  Reverb block was bypassed, so I activated it.  No reverb heard.  Bypassed other blocks in turn until the reverb was the only active block.  No reverb.

With the reverb block active, if I turn the mix on the reverb block to 100%, there is no sound.  Mildly interested.  Change to a different reverb - try them all, same exact result.  Clear that block, move to another location and put in a reverb - same.  Kind of like if you had an old-school rack system and used only one space for reverb, and removed it from the rack.

So now, thinking - WTF?  Could there be some software glitch that removed only  single effect? I wouldn't think computer chips could pick something like that out...

I scroll over to another preset, and happy day, reverb back in place, acting normally.  After seeing that was all normal, and with some other patches, back to the downloaded patch.  Check reverb - same thing.

So, by a masterful use of logic, I figure the reverb is out on that one patch...somehow.

Any suggestions?  Nothing I built or factory patches are affected this way, no changes to regular rig setup, our input/output values, etc.

Can one tiny piece of a patch be corrupt?  Maybe it was built on an earlier firmware - seems a likely suspect.  That's one of my gripes about the Customtone thing, very little information on some of the patches - firmware, rig used, etc.  Some do that, but most do not.

Anyhow, seemed weird enough to share.  Unless it's the first sign of firmware cancer, then it's nothing I really am concerned about, just interested.


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Did you run Helix's Preset update routine on what you downloaded from CustomTone? Only by doing so can you be certain that it might get properly revised to comply with firmware 2.53. If not, do so and give the Preset another try.

The only other suggestion would be to start from scratch and build your own based on whatever settings you can obtain from the one you found on CustomTone.

You probably already know that CustomTone, can be a great resource. Nonetheless, there is no way of knowing what you are actually getting from CustomTone unless the original author provides detailed notes regarding what version of firmware the Preset was built with, and this may not always be the case. 

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I'm not aware of a patch rebuild routine other than the 'Rebuilding Presets' procedure that is triggered each time you power on the Helix device. You should restart the device to force this procedure after downloading new presets, before beginning to edit them, especially if you experience strange behaviour like you describe.

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Yes, cycle power on your Helix after importing presets that are created in an older version of firmware. When you do that you will see "Rebuilding Preset xxx" for each of the new imported presets. You "should" be good to go after that. I have had corrupt presets before that would do strange things, and the strange things would disappear after deleting that preset. 

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