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HELIX crashes when connected to Logic Pro X

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Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2016

OSX High Sierra

Logic Pro X 10.4.1

Helix Edit 2.5.2

Helix Firmware 2.5.4


We had a problem with our Helix when all of a sudden it would crash when connected into a Logic Session.  We discovered that it was tied to Logic's Control Surfaces when, in Logic, we selected "Logic Pro X-->Control Surfaces-->Bypass All Control Surfaces".  This would allow the Helix to connect to the computer without crashing, but be unusable in Logic.  We then found a Logic Pro forum post referencing how to reset the control surfaces preference.  To do this, we Quit Logic.  We went to "User Library (Finder-->Go-->[Hold Alt/Option] Library)-->Preferences" and deleted the file "com.apple.logic.pro.cs"


When we restarted Logic and connected the HELIX, everything was working again!  Hope this helps others with our problem.

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I wish Logic would support the same approach to control surface mapping as MainStage. Its silly that all control surface settings are global and associated with the logged in user preferences. See https://jimamsden.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/creating-logic-pro-x-controller-assignments/ for more information on configuring control surface assignments in Logic.

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