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Helix + pedals + rackmounted noisegate+ Mesa triple rectifier


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Hello everyone.

I need help with how to wire my newly purchased Line 6 Helix and all my other gear.


I am somewhat new to setting up all these effects, cables, noisegates and whatnot..


I need a specific step by step way to connect following:


Guitar,  Line 6 Helix, Mesa Boogie Gridslammer (Overdrive pedal to tighten it up), Ernie Ball Volume pedal, Ibanez Weeping Demon (Wah pedal) , ISP Decimator Pro Rack G (Rack mounted noise gate with 2 channels - This is the one I am having issue with connecting properly), DBX 266 XL (Rackmounted compressor) and last but not least my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier....


Which goes where?

What goes in the loop? What does not?


I could really use someone who knows his gear to help me with this cable nightmare.


Thank you very much



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This is not step by step, but here is where I would put them:


OD pedal, rack noise gate, rack compressor in the Helix loops. 4 cable method from Helix to your amp.


You could use the wah in a Helix loop, or in front of the Helix: whatever you think sounds better.


Volume pedal: that would be a personal preference thing. Or you could convert it to an expression pedal to interface with Helix. 

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