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Default volume level for a HD500 patch will not stay saved


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I'm using a JTV59 guitar, POD HD500 and have all the latest patches / firmware etc.  I use the POD HD500 Edit software and the Workbench HD software to setup my patches and models.  I think I've just been looking at this too long and can't see the forest for the trees and it probably has an easy solution, so here it is.  I move a preset patch to a user location using the POD HD500 edit software. Then I tweek the patch to my liking and set the volume to match the other patches in that bank. I save that patch by sending the selected patch to the HD500 in the location that I created and tweeked it.  The volume level is correct after my save until I recall it from the HD500.  When I double click it in the HD500 Edit software it gets louder which is my prefered volume level, but when I choose the patch from the HD500 pedal it is not as loud.  Any ideas on this?

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