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Using VST with Amplify


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Suppose I want to play back tracks from Ableton Live from a PC through the Amplifi USB port.  Now suppose I want to use Helix Native instead of the effects in Amplifi.

Is there any way of turning off the effects in Amplifi (other than making a "thru" patch with no amps or effects) that will allow me to use the input simply as my UCB interface.  That is, is making a "thru" patch good enough for implementing the effects in VST in live?


Or does the Amplifi use a parallel path to the USB (I would hope not - it should be in series)  I have an Amplify 75 arriving on Friday, and am trying to save some experimentation time when it arrives; any help would be much appreciated....


(PS - I have an Amplify 30, and I really like the sounds, but it won't allow me to playback my own backing tracks that I made in ableton (stored in My Music, not in Spotify) without breaking the flow (it stops the playback).  I don't see how to get Spotify to play back my own music tracks from My Music... so far... that would be a solution, except it won't list my playlists I already have set up).

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No, in this post I am referring only to tracks in Ableton Live when I am using the PC. (There should be a Windows editor for Amplify in that case; I shouldn't have to bring both to a gig. 


That said, the Ampify remote app will not let me play my own backing trcks  (and stored in My Music folder in my own playback lists) without signing in, and I play many places without Wi-Fi.  If I am not signed in, it stops the backing track when I bring up Amplify to edit my tone. (I have a separate thread on this).


Spotify was suggested, but it won't let me play my own tracks, only tracks downloaded from their site.  If I try to switch back and forth between My Music and Amplify, it stops the backing tracks when I switch back to Amplify.


I shouldn't have to bring both my PC and my iPad to do both... very frustrating.


Very frustrating, since Mobile Pod has no such restriction (but I can't edit tones with Amplify). 

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The AMPLIFi should playback any pc sounds, inlucing tracks in Ableton. Are you selecting the Line6 ASIO as you device in Ableton?


As for playing in places without WiFi, I would recomend pluging your phone into the AUX In and take the BT stream out of the equation.  

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Or just use any other music app on your phone to stream the music - the amplifi doesn't care whether it gets audio via the amplifi app or by something else. Doesn't stop playback here when switching back and forth, although it will resync/redownload the list of builtin presets then - not ideal.


My take on this is that it is a stupid bug in the app, as I can access the (downloaded) jamtracks when not logged in. (and jamtracks by themselves are very buggy, no way to refresh the list, you have to delete and redownload...

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Crazy, this is EXACTLY the problem I ran into last night.


As far as I could tell, there was no way to keep Amplifi from sending its internal path, in Parallel, to the speaker outs


I wanted to use this thing as an FRFR and run my DAW's VSTs thru from a laptop, but if I want to get guitar signal into the computer from the guitar in on amplifi, I gotta live with that signal also ending up at the speakers


In that case its just as easy to use my regular FRFR plus interface.


If there's a way around this (and a way to get a line out out of this thing without killing the speakers) I'd love to hear it

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