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Firehawk1500 Midi cc

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So far I‘m able to control my FH1500 perfectly with midi commands via a BossEs-8 loop-switcher. Patch changes and almost all control chances work via midi this way. The only issue I got is with the FH1500 looper control change to CLEAR/DELETE the looper. It just doesn’t work via midi cc, while everything else ( record, stop, play, overdub, etc ) works fine. Also the clear function via FBV3 works.


Does anybody know the correct CC# and values, or has an idea what I possibly do wrong?


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8 hours ago, SciFi said:

anybody? :-)


Line 6 doesn't add a "clear/delete" midi function to their devices. The thinking is there is no point in doing it because:


1. No loop is permanently stored in the device - so when you turn it off all loops get deleted.

2. In a performance setting, there is no point in deleting the loop. If you need a new loop, rather than delete, simply send the midi command to record a new loop, and the old loop is deleted.  You would then use the new loop.

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