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String 6 Buzzes Badly

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I do not know yet if it is a result of the upgrade to firmware 2.0. However my low E string on my JTV-59 has a very buzzy distortion and it distorts in modeling mode or in pickup mode. On a very clean setting any not I play on string 6 buzzes as if it were a bad circuit on all settings.

This guitar does not get a lot of use. I own a Variax 500 and 9 other guitars. This guitar sits in a wall stand in my recording studio most of the time. I already had to send it back once because the G string would only function at half volume. Until I sent it back I had to use workbench to reduce all other strings to 50% volume in order for it to play with balance. It was returned to me and worked just fine.

Last week I upgraded the firmware to 2.0 but only strummed it a few times before placing it back in the wall hanger. Today I picked it up and there is a dominant buzzing on string 6.


I am a bit discouraged as this was not a cheap instrument and it gets very little use. I doubt there is more than a total of 20 hours logged on this instrument although I have had it for over a year.


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Bob, I have the JTV-89 and when I got it a few months ago my low E string had a high pitch "twack" (for lack of a better term) while all other strings rang out fine.  A combination of EQ, raising the action and heavier gauge (11's with wound 3rd) got rid of it.  Not sure if this approaches your specific distortion problem.

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Hi Mike, good to see you here.

I tried to reapply firmware 2.0 but that did not cure the problem. I also noticed before rolling it back that if I unplugged it and powered down that it would not buzz when I turned it back on until I entered the Acoustic bank whereupon the buzz would come back immediately and remain for all settings until powered down.

So I rolled it back to firmware 1.90 and that seems to have cured the issue. It appears there is some glitch that my variax is experiencing with the 2.0 firmware.

I intend to give it more of a work out tomorrow to see if this observation is accurate. Thanks for your help, and again, great to see you here.


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