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Hey, I have a problem with my line 6 POD HD PRO X.

I work in Reaper, when I use Line 6 it pops up to me
Blue Screen (BSOD) it is terribly annoying and makes it very difficult to work. I tested this problem on: Focusrite 18i20, focusrite Solo, M - Audio ProFire 2626 and there was no problem. The problem only appears on Line 6, I do not know what is causing ...
I also exchanged RAM memory but it is still the same

Please, help me   : c

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I've had this issue with my pod ever since I upgraded to windows 10. I thought maybe the new win 10 driver would fix, but nope. As a workaround, a few years ago I found you could use ASIO4ALL drivers instead to workaround the issue. I only came here to research/post here today because I accidentally used the pod driver in reaper and got a bluescreen just now and decided to follow up on it.

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I would open a support ticket with Line6.


When do you get the BSOD? As soon as you select the Line6 ASIO driver in Reaper?


In the meantime, try different USB ports.

Also make sure your video card chipset drivers are up to date.




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