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Pling on the Shuriken 250 (25.5 inch scale)


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One advantage over the JTVs that Stevic always pointed out wherever he talked about the Shuriken, was the longer scale length and therefore higher tension on the strings. Now with the "normal" scale length, can we expect more pling by it? I wouldn't mind if the higher tension was an exaggerated argument to sell more Shurikens; because when the scale length doesn't necessarily bring better modeling quality, I'd give the Shuriken another chance and would go for a 250 this time, because bends on the 27 were really ouchy with 10-52 strings. 


What do you think?

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1 hour ago, GiRa said:

Knowing which note you are playing so the guitar can perform the alternate tuning magic ;)



Well I'm neither a physicist nor a software engineer, but I fail to see how increased string tension can make the software "better" recognize the note that's being played. That would imply that all one would need to do is throw on a heavier set of strings, and somehow the alt tunings would work "better"... after years of listening to gripes about the alt tunings, don't think I ever recall someone claiming that things suddenly improved with a heavier gauge. To address the "plink" issue, and to make the acoustic models sound abit more authentic, yes... but never a word about the tunings.

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"... I fail to see how increased string tension can make the software "better" recognize the note that's being played."---

String tension means better acoustical coupling for transferring mechanical vibration to the piezo for better transfer

of electron shedding from the piezo material through the wire. Good signal makes for easier processing in any

digital audio device.


Check out some of Sean Halley's videos regarding string gauges for JTV's.


Of course, too much tension is just as bad as not enough tension. String gauge has nothing to do with Alt Tune, unless

you use something lighter than a 9-gauge set that is too lacking and can't hold tuning. Quite right crusinon2.


As far as plink goes, there's a posting about that in the Knowledge Base from late last year or early this year.

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On 7/24/2018 at 6:18 PM, cruisinon2 said:

how increased string tension can make the software "better" recognize the note

Piezos are pressure-based transducers, the guitar will receive a stronger signal (thus track better) with more pressure on the saddles. There are other ways to achieve this, for example by having a stronger string angle at the saddle. It is pretty much the same principle of setting up an acoustic guitar with an undersaddle pickup.


Moreover, more tension means a tighter swing of the string when vibrating, thus letting the player use lower action with less buzzing. In the Variax world this means less artifacts.


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