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Shuriken Alt Tuning Strings reversed...


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So I'd like to think im not completely stupid, however I got my Shuriken today. charged the battery, finally got to plug it in and it sounds great....while in stand tuning


I noticed that when I change either the model knob and selector switch or tuning knobs to something that isn't Standard it sounds terrible. Ok, I thought maybe it just needs some adjustments.

Set up work bench, plugged it in and try to play around with the settings/tunings. 

First thing I notice if if drop the low E to D and play it, no change, however if I play high E there is a change.....?


It seems that all of the strings are in reverse, confirmed by changing the A string and the B changes not A....


I've logged a support ticket for this but is there something im missing here a setting I've inadvertently set?


All the standard tuning set ups play perfect its just the alternate tunings are completely out of whack. 


Attach a soundfile and pictures of the tunings in work bench before and after




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