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I searched but couldn't find this topic.  It probably exists somewhere.....


I just got an HX Effects.  I'm trying to set it up for 7CM.  I can set up 4CM no problem.


When I try the 7CM I get nothing from amp 2.  There is no signal coming out of send 2 and entering amp 2.  I'm sure there's some sort of routing change I need to make, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.  I'm making all of the 7CM connections as listed on the cheat sheet, but only 1 amp produces output.



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9 hours ago, dcm_guitar said:

So far no word from support and no reply here.  I'm terribly close to returning this device.  I'd really appreciate some assistance.


I've never even bothered with 4cm, much less 7cm... but you gotta allow at least a couple, maybe 3 days to get a response from the support ticket. It's not instantaneous.

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Still haven't gotten any response from Line6.  However, I've made some progress.  Putting this out there for anyone else searching for assistance.


  • The FX Loop block in your signal chain must be changed to stereo.
  • I can't figure out how to change the FX Loop block to stereo using only the controls on the HX Effects device.  I've gone through the manual and can't find instructions for this change.  It's probably there, but it's hidden; I couldn't find it.  I tried all sorts of combinations of button pushes and knob twisting, but never was successful using only the HX Effects device to convert the FX Loop block to stereo.  Download the HX Edit application from the Line6 website.
  • In order to get the HX Edit application to work you'll first need to update the firmware on the HX Effects unit.  The manual does a good job describing this process.
  • Once you've updated the firmware and installed the HX Edit application, changing the the FX Loop block to stereo is easy.  The FX Loop block has a drop down arrow with an option to change it to stereo.
  • Finally, I'm still having some issues with the signal routing. Right now, I can only get the 7CM to work by putting the STEREO FX Loop block at the end of the signal chain.  If I place it anywhere else in the signal chain, the preamp stage from amp#2 is bypassed and signal is routed directly to the poweramp section of amp#2.  I'm not sure why.  This is likely due to my limitations in understanding the signal flow.  'm going to mess with this again later and see if I can get better results.  If I learn something new, or get some feedback friom Line6, I'll edit this post.


I guess not many folks are running a stereo setup.  Finding information on these issues has been difficult.  I specifically bought the HX Effects to ease the setup for my stereo rig.  I had higher expectations from a documentation standpoint.

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Here is my setup using two Marshall Silver Jubilee's with the 7CM.  Path 1 is setup for FX Loop 1 and Path 2 is setup for FX Loop 2.  If you want to run your effects in stereo, make your Path 1 output PAN LEFT and your Path 2 output PAN RIGHT.  This setup works great for me.  Just remember that any effects before the FX Loops will be processed in mono regardless if you choose stereo effects or not.  No sense wasting the DSP processing power for non-time based effects.  I also assign a stomp button for each effect in both paths.  In other words, If I select my Delay, it will enable/disable that effect in both paths simultaneously.  This should work the same on both the Helix and the HX Effects.  Hope this helps you.


4 Cable Method (4CM)

Cable #1 Guitar to Helix/HX Effects Guitar In

Cable #2 Helix/HX Effects FX Send Loop 1 to Amp #1 Main Input

Cable #3 Amp #1 FX Send Loop to Helix/HX Effects FX Return Loop 1

Cable #4 Helix/HX Effects 1/4" Left (mono) Out to Amp #1 FX Return Loop


7 Cable Method (7CM)

Cable #5 Helix/HX Effects FX Send Loop 2 to Amp #2 Main Input

Cable #6 Amp #2 FX Send Loop to Helix/HX Effects FX Return Loop 2

Cable #7 Helix/HX Effects 1/4" Right Out to Amp #2 FX Return Loop

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Did you ever get a response from Line 6 or figure this out? I am setting up 7C and having the exact same problem, sound is cutting out on amp #2. Disconnected from Helix and ran a cable from amps effects loop send to receive no volume loss. Put a overdrive pedal in and had no volume loss. It has to be something in the patch settings or the global settingd. I would really appreciate your help if you solved the problem.

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Just going to add my voice to this discussion.  I have the same issue.  Odd that line6 mentions 7CM in their quick start but then drops you off at the side of the road where nobody goes.  That is to say, the 4CM patches don't work for 7CM and there is no additional official help available beyond suggestions in this forum.  I did start messing with HX Edit yesterday and it seems fairly easy to use compared to doing everything on the box itself.


Here's my setup:

Mesa/Boogie Express Plus 5/25 (speaker out to Torpedo Captor-X to XLR out)

Laney L5 Studio (built in analog cab sim to XLR out)


The Two XLRs (actually 3, since the Captor-X has 2 outputs) come to my Behringer XR-18 mixer.


The idea being that in general, I could choose one, the other, or both preamps (but probably just one most of the time), and have stereo effects.  Now of course, to the extent that the cab sim from the Laney is different than what is dialed up in the Captor-X, there would be a tonal difference between the two sides.  I haven't gotten far enough to tell you if that is a problem. 


Fearing that I might never solve this, I went ahead and got a stereo DI box so I can just take the stereo line out of the HX Effects back to a couple channels on the mixer.  At that point of course it would be bypassing those other cab sims.  I could either use IRs in the HX Effects, or since the Captor-X includes a VST plugin, I could do the cab sim business in my DAW.  However because of latency I am probably not going to do that.


I've also disconnected from the Laney as I figured I'd just get a 4CM setup with the Boogie first.  The reality is that I use effects more when noodling around and tend to go back to basic guitar tones when recording, then add things like delays and whatnot in the DAW because it's possible to do a lot of cool stuff with automation that would be more difficult with the HX FX.

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Line 6 provided a 7C template. Look in templates folder. You need a FX loop in/out block. This is how I set it up the cables:


Guitar in> Helix Send Right>Amp 1 Input(front of Amp)>Amp 1 FX Loop Send(back of Amp)>Helix Return Right>Helix Main Out>Amp 1 FX Loop Return(back of amp).  


Repeat same for left side. 


I also sent Helix XLR out to a pair of studio monitors.


I set patch like this:


Set line 1 and line 2 inputs blocks both to guitar in>wah pedal>distortion pedal>noise gate>FX send/receive>amp model>cab>split block to line 1a for all modulation effects (chorus, delay, etc)>split block 1a return to line 1>compressor>parametric eq>output blocks set to multiple outputs


On the 7C method template I used multi-outputs with right side panned right side 100% right and left panned 100% left.


I am trying to achieve the following: send wah, distortion, Amp/cab models through my Marshall DSL40 preamp. Send modulation effects through amplifier phase only. I don't want delay, chorus, tremolo, Leslie speaker type effects being boosted by the preamp. That's why the Amp has an FX loop.


I am using two Marshall DSL40's. My problem is I get unequal volume levels. The right side is fine. Left side is diminished. I took my Amp to a technician and found nothing wrong. I spoke with Helix customer service no solution. I called a Helix licensed repair tech. No one could solve this issue. One Marshall is like 7 years old the other was new last year. General consensus was a difference in the FX loop dsl processing in the older Marshall Amp compared to the new amp.


I resolved the problem by boosting db's on left output block. Also note that the studio monitor left volume level was so low it was useless unless I cranked the volume on the studio monitor itself, however the problem only occurs on certain Amp models. When I use Fender Amp models I do not need to correct or boost the left side. It seems to be a problem mainly on the Marshall Amp blocks. Can't even use my studio monitors because switching between patches cause huge differences in volume.


My personal opionion is Helix has a problem with various Amp models they are unwilling to acknowledge or fix. 



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Wanted to clarify, the FX Send/Receive block (blue block with up/down arrows) is where the signal is sent out from Helix to front of Amp main input. Everything before the FX Send/Receive block will go through Amp preamp phase. The signal comes back from the Amp's FX loop (back of amp) and goes back into the patch's signal path. Everything now goes out through the Helix main output to the amp FX loop return and everything (distortion, wah, amp/cab, chorus, delay) goes through the Amp's amplier phase. 

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Thanks,  I'm using an 8-conductor 1/4" snake that I have not used in the 10 years since I bought it... UNTIL NOW!  I just color coded my own diagram to match the cables.  I managed to get a few 4CM patches going on.  Using HX Edit was the key.  I generally try to get whatever I'm after from the front panel, but in this case yes the application made it way more obvious what I was doing wrong.


I'll probably find or start a different thread to deal with whatever concerns come out of this 4CM on the Boogie.

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So then basically there's no way to use 2 external amps and use their preamp section and have a single delay set in stereo ping pong between the 2 like you would with a regular pedalboard?  I can achieve that but it bypasses my amps preamp which defeats the purpose.

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