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FR IdeaScale: HELIX NATIVE Snapshot Control: support MIDI pedals with FIXED CC


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I have two MIDI foot controller devices which have FIXED MIDI CC numbers for each stomp. Namely ActitioN and the IK BlueBoard.


Trouble is the SNAPSHOTS feature in HM 2.6 uses a FIXED CC value - CC#69 follows by a Value 0-7 for each snapshot.

So say i want to use 4 stomps for SNAPSHOT 1-4 - my foot controller sends four DIFFERENT FIXED CC values !

I use Ableton - so initially had a look for MAX4LIVE devices that can remap one CC to another - but found none that could remap the different CC values ( 76-79 in my case ) to 69 - while at the same time setting VALUE to 0 when I send 76, 1 for 77, 2 for 78 and 3 for 79.

So my attempt to use MAX4LIVE MIDI conversion add ons failed.

What we really need is a way in HN to either have a LEARN function so to change snapshots we can use the CC values of our choice ( and ignore value ) 

OR.... have a built-in CC remapping facility page where HN automatically transforms incoming ( different ) CC values to 69 and the appropriate value.

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FYI, while you're waiting for Line 6 to implement this (yeah, sure) there should be plenty of remapping solutions, both hardware or software. For example, you could use a Midi Solutions "Event Processor" box that inserts into your MIDI path and converts whatever you want on the fly. It will do the conversion you need. I've also used an app on my iPhone for this sort of thing called MidiFlow.

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