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Reaper DAW playback stutter


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I use it with Reaper all the time, with the default Reaper settings, on a Win10 i7 laptop with SSD, many plugins, no problems. Describe the rest of your system - computer, Memory, HD type, OS, optimizations, AI, Audio settings, special settings in Reaper, the whole deal, it's all relevant. Also, define "stutters". A mechanical HD, older processor, low memory and/or too low a buffer setting could all be contributing factors.

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When I record or playback...the playback while freeze for barely 1 second every 5 seconds


PC is brand new from 8 months's quite a beast to be honest


WIndows 10 64 bits

Intel 8700k

G.Skill 32gb  (4x8gb) 3200 DDR4

Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250gb

Corsair MP500 480gb

Asus Strix 1080ti

EVGA Gold 650 Power Supply


I changed nothing in Reaper and it's currently running "default" settings.


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I've been using Reaper and Windows 10 with my Helix since 2015, and I generally don't have any issues. You might want to download and run Latencymon and see if you have any kernel modules and/or processes that are causing buffer underruns.


Some common causes of issues are things like network adapters or bluetooth adapters.

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I think Phil is on the right track. The consistent every 5 seconds thing points to a system function taking control of the processor. Is your wireless disabled? Is your system optimized for use with a DAW?





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