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I have a DT50 112 and HD500X using L6 link.  I am struggling with understanding the best way to use this setup.  L6 Link, 4 cable method or just direct to the amp.  


Right now I am using the Plexi bright pre amp but I feel i'm not getting the same sound as I do direct into the Amp with the same model selected. ( USED the DT50 EdiT software to assign a Pexi brite to channel A and JCM to Channel B.


signal chain - EP silverburst into G70 wireless > out to Tc helicon Correct XT into the HD500X.  BAd Horsie II wah in the effects loop of the HD500X.


Digital cable out of HD500X to L6 link on the Amp.  Reading forums, it seems it might have something to do with routing and settings. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it just doesnt have the punch that the Amp has?


Need help.



AC DC.5xe


80's Rock Covers.5xe

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I have a DT 25 and find that L6 gives the best sounds as you can change topology via the POD. Use your ears though as some of the amps (to my ears) give a better sound using a full sim rather than a pre SIM.

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