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Multitap with pitch shifting per tap


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Hi guys, i'd like to throw another idea in the creative department. I'd totally need a multitap delay that would pitch shift every single tap. It'd be basically an effective arpeggiator. I'd be enough to add a parameter to the existing multitaps. I'd be a killer and I'm sure would add a lot of value to the helix. Mind there's no such effect pedal around that does such thing except for the echolution2 by pigtronix (and that cost over 600$). Wouldn't it be a good idea for a future update? I'm no engineer but I dare to think it wouldn't be a huge work to add this feature (as the helix having already the technology both for multitaps and pitch shifting).

Or maybe you guys worked out some similar ideas in a different way. Then please share it.

Many thanks

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Hey Phil, you're right the harmony delay does kinda that but it's rather limited with 2 taps only + root note. 6 Taps would allow for more rhythmical grooves. A glide function would also be great. Or even better a new block model that act as a full arpeggiator (Eventide has it). Please don't tell me I should buy a synthesizer ;-).


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