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If it's not too stupid a question, or innapropriate for a Line6 forum, does anyone have any suggestions for a starter level DAW. Something I can easily import the channel WAV's into and get a reasonable mixing environment without busting the bank?


Personally, I'm a windows user, not mac. Our guitarist has produced some pretty good results using GarageBand on his mac, so I'm looking for something similar for windows.

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I get a feeling that any DAW that supports VSTs will do a good job.


I use Cakewalk since before the Sonar series. Started using with "Cakewalk Pro-Audio 9" just because it was available at the time. 

Never changed DAW. Just kept upgrading. I'm using Sonar x2 now. 

I really think their all the same and I don't really want to spend the time learning a new interface. 


So, just get the more available/sheap and go from there. 


By the way:

I don't believe DAWs affect the actual sound at all. That's all on the mics/interface/plugins.

DAWs are just about work flow. 

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